Health & Wellness Interventions

Health care interventions within the OLF lexicon include, but is not limited to all approaches that increase the life expectancy of of our demographics, reduce infant and maternal mortality, improve nutrition and sanitation and keep the populace disease and ailment free.

Some of these interventions often include screening and vaccination programs, food and water supplementation as well as health promotion. We involve qualified medical personnel from all over the world and access the community through her gate keepers and custodians.

Our medical interventions within the communities we work is rooted within the primary healthcare strata where our programs aim to reduce risk factors and increase health promotion and prevention.

Education & Advocacy

Advocacy in this regard will be mostly based on health education for community members. We have health educators help our communities with individual assistance, outreach and even capacity development. Two major goals underpin our health advocacy thrust—protection of our vulnerable population (representational advocacy) and empowerment of the disadvantaged population (facilitational advocacy). All of this, we deliver through the communities we work in, as the basis of our vision.

Community Based Interventions

The term community-based is wide in terms of definition, but often refers to community as the setting for interventions which we offer. As setting, we define community primarily as the geographically setting within which we work, and is the location in which our interventions are implemented. Such interventions often take place within community locales such as neighborhoods, schools, churches, farms, market squares and other areas of community convergence.

Various levels of intervention have been employed, including educational or other strategies that involve individuals, chiefs, leaders, families, social networks, organizations, and public policy. These community-based interventions from OLF often engage community input through advisory committees or community coalitions that assist in tailoring interventions to specific target groups or to adapt programs to community characteristics.